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Why be part of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, Intl—Quebec Pond? Each of our members may have their own personal motives, but it is obvious that the feeling of belonging to the big family of the property and causalty insurance industry. With branches across North America, our group values ​​fraternity over competition, charity before personal gain, which is surely an incentive to get involved and contribute to its development.

Confirmation of new goslings takes place once a year and we ask anyone interested in joining the ranks of the Blue Goose to complete the membership form and submit it as soon as possible, along with the annual membership fee.

FEE: 75,00 $


Annual membership fees for members of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose Intl—Québec Pond—for the term 2023-2024.

Dues voted and accepted at the meeting of the executive committee of September 13, 2022.

FEE: 75,00 $

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